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Kelcey & Hall

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  • Ian Kelcey

    Ian Kelcey

    Senior Partner, Solicitor and Higher Courts Advocate, Fraud, Regulatory & Complex Crime Specialist

  • Gill Hall

    Gill Hall

    Partner, Solicitor and Head of Family Law Team

  • Billy Olaniyi

    Billy Olaniyi

    Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate and Duty Solicitor Qualified

  • James Williams

    James Williams

    Solicitor, Duty Qualified, Police Station Accredited

  • Jane Taylor

    Jane Taylor

    Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate, and Duty Solicitor

  • Katherine Sproson

    Katherine Sproson


  • Amanda Thornton

    Amanda Thornton

    Solicitor and Higher Courts Advocate, Police Station and Court Duty Solicitor

  • Zina Ruffino

    Zina Ruffino

    Family and Child Care Solicitor

  • Oliver Johnston

    Oliver Johnston

    Trainee Solicitor & Accredited Police Station Representative

  • Nick Kelcey

    Nick Kelcey

    Accredited Police Station Representative General and Complex Crime Specialist Caseworker

  • Ian Calloway

    Ian Calloway

    Accredited Police Station Representative

  • Nathan Beese

    Nathan Beese

    Accredited Police Station Representative


Accredited Police Station Representative

Ian Calloway has been a Police Station Representative for the Practice since 1993. During that time he has dealt with all types of cases whilst clients have been in custody.

He is client friendly and always has their welfare at heart.

He also deals with Proceeds of Crime Act offences under the supervision of Ian Kelcey.

He regularly travels over a large area using his expertise in statement taking.

Ian has wide ranging experience and believes in being approachable and pro-active in clients interests.