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Defendant sentenced following attack on brother’s killer.

R v P

Our client was charged with s.18 GBH. P had observed two males who fatally stabbed his brother more than 10 times in a nightclub and shortly after P encountered one of the males outside the nightclub. P struck the male on the head with a champagne bottle which resulted in the male being knocked to the ground. Moments after, another male appeared and stabbed the male who had been knocked to the ground.

The crown offered a plea on ABH to our client who subsequently entered a guilty plea to that offence. P was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment. Due to the time he had already spent in custody on remand and on qualifying curfew whilst he was on bail, P was released immediately, having been deemed to have served 4 months imprisonment.

Billy Olaniyi represented our client and Ramin Pakrooh of Guildhall Chambers was instructed.