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No retrial for teacher following hung jury

R v EW

EW was a school teacher charged with sexual offences involving a pupil. The pupil had alleged that during a return from an overseas school trip in 2015, he had consensual sex with the teacher in the toilet during the return flight. The client became pregnant in the aftermath of the trip. It was alleged by the pupil that he had been told that the pregnancy was a result of the sexual encounter in the toilet of the plane. It was further alleged that there were sexual touching during meetings outside school in the weeks after the overseas trip. Another pupil in the same school had sent emails to the client asking for sex with him in return for not disclosing the alleged sexual relationship with the complainant. The client refused this and reported to the authorities.

The matter came to trial on 1st October 2018. This was a very complex case and there were defence witnesses. The case attracted significant media interests. At the end of the trial and after several hours of deliberation, the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The prosecution requested time to consider whether to have a re-trial. They decided against having a re-trial. On the 25th October 2018, not guilty verdicts were recorded and defence costs order was granted.

Billy Olaniyi was instructed and Anna Midgley of Albion Chambers was counsel.